Working with our customers to produce outstanding solutions to enhance performance through People, System and Organisational analysis.

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Working with our customers to produce outstanding solutions to enhance performance through People, System and Organisational analysis.

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Creating Compatibility Between People and Organisations

No post holder or organisation operates in isolation.  Performance and output are dependeant on how the people are able to interact, either with their technology, with their colleagues or customers.  The environment in which they do this also plays a role in how they perform, just as much as the way their job is designed.


If we select people we look at the culture of the organisation as well as the culture of the job – for instance people tend to self -select into a job; police, pilots or professional roles such as the legal profession.  We look at the skill sets, competencies, attitudes and as importantly the motivation and beliefs of an individual, then map them on to the role within the company. If people are to thrive and be retained then it is as important that the company is a good fit for them as it is that they are a good fit for the company.


Happy people stay longer and perform better – compatibility promotes loyalty.

Orbit Performance can provide the right combination of knowledge and skills to target an organisations needs from:

  • Assessing, Developing and Mentoring People
  • Integrating new systems
  • Designing and delivering training programmes


We have a range of tools and techniques for evaluating the environmental conditions in which your people perform.  From physical conditions such as workstations, lighting, temperature, noise etc through to the effect of the softer environmental issues such as roster/shift patterns, clothing, time pressures etc.


Our tools for evaluating people cover: assessment, development, monitoring and training techniques.  We can apply predictive measures to identify how people may perform given a set of conditions, we can develop developmental programmes to address any areas of concern, using well proven performance enhancement tools, and then create effective training programmes that have a track record of generating tangible improved performance measures.   We aim to find the right people, who will enjoy the culture and provide an excellent return on the investment that the company has made into their recruitment and training.


We conduct in depth organisational profiling, which looks at the culture, the skills required, the type of people that perform well within the company, their values as well as their skills, attitudes and educational/career history. We also look at the company in terms of growth, environment and system/technology procurement to identify future skills. This allows us to identify where to recruit, who to select and who to promote to meet the business demands and aspirations.  This approach is effective for Change Management and transitionary phases such as Mergers and Acquisitions.


We employ a range of processes and tools to evaluate the human and technological systems within an organisation.  


Human Systems:  Measures include Communication processes within Teams and Management – top down to bottom up. Job Design such as Competencies, Operating Procedures, Reporting, Training. Performance Outputs and Measures – managing expectations, identifying and employing relevant measures.


Technology Systems: Human Factors tools and techniques are employed to look at the impact of the introduction of new systems, when introduced into an existing workforce and environment.  These identify where the risks may occur, how to mitigate them and the cost benefit associated with the mitigation. Techniques include workload and error analysis, skills, impact on the user and the environment – are the skills available within the existing employees or is training and/or recruitment required.

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