Working with our customers to produce outstanding solutions to enhance performance through People, System and Organisational analysis.

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Orbit Performance

Performance Improvement Services


Physical and Applied Performance
Cognitive and Mental Performance
Behaviour and Communications

We have a track record of working with a wide range of organisations with diverse skill sets worldwide. We have helped them identify and implement quantifiably successful solutions, whether it is taking 1s off a Formula One Pit Stop, achieving an Olympic Gold Medal, flying an Airbus 380 or developing high flyer promotion programmes in the city.


Expert analysis of employee, organisation or your customer’s psychological and behavioural characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a range of situations; assisting in identifying categories of people who should be employed.

Our team have been responsible for Profiling the Metropolitan Police for assessment of their Royal Protection and Armed Response Vehicle personnel. Also, Bomb Disposal personnel, Security Services personnel, Critical National Infrastructure Stakeholders, Air Forces and Airlines worldwide.

Performance Psychology

Understanding the factors that allow individuals, teams, and groups to flourish and to achieve their aim of being the best. Engaging them on how to be successful by developing the power of the mind and to practice mental skills training.

Our team have 20 years experience of working with top sporting personnel from Formula One drivers, through to supporting the Equestrian and Athletics Olympic teams as part of the British Olympic Association Psychological Advisory Group. We have worked with pilots to enhance performance as well as Military, Senior Executives, Fast Track Graduates and Performing Arts personnel.

Performance Enhancement Programmes

Mentally improving the way you or your employees currently perform. Not that you are doing something wrong or performing inappropriately, but increasing your knowledge and skills to improve what you currently do.

We are able to not just identify who to employ and how to deploy them, we also develop people. Our team have the skills to devise large scale programmes that are rolled out across as organisation as well as individual programmes.

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