Working with our customers to produce outstanding solutions to enhance performance through People, System and Organisational analysis.

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We have worldwide expertise in working with Commercial, General, Military and Rotary Wing domains. We cost effectively provide bespoke recruitment and assessment campaigns that deliver the best candidates to the right airline or role. We improve training performance, reduce wastage and staff churn whilst focussing on delivering safe and straightforward pilots. We also have one of the best qualified and experienced Air Display Directors in the UK who is able to train and mentor others to help meet he stringent new Air Display qualifications and standards.

Aviation Consultancy

Offering the benefit of our wide knowledge of pilot behaviour and performance to inform Recruitment Policy, Job Design, Training and People Development.

Our people have international expertise in advising Commercial and Business aviation as well as Air Forces around the world. Les, was the Senior Advisor to the head of the Iraqi Airforce and he has also lead multi million pound bids for aviation contracts, so is well placed to ensure that all our human performance solutions are commercially sound. Services include: Bid Support, Change Management, Project Delivery.

Selection and Assessment

Applying systematic, well proven processes using empirical data on the knowledge, skill, attitudes, and beliefs of applicants to ensure they are the best for the airline.

Our team of Aviation, Behavioural and Organisational Psychologists are able to tailor assessment and selection processes to suit any budget or requirement. Experience with all types of airline and flight training organisations in their recruitment of Ab Initio cadets trough to Senior Post Holder positions and everything in between. Highly experienced in Direct Entry Captain assessment and Command Upgrades.

Air Display Director

CAA Approved and Qualified Air Display Services and Personnel Training.

Les is one of the most highly qualified Display Directors in the country and is involved in Farnborough and Bahrain as well as Jersey. He is available to Advise, Direct and Train in safe operations internationally.

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