Working with our customers to produce outstanding solutions to enhance performance through People, System and Organisational analysis.

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Human and Organisational
Performance Specialists

We have 3 decades of worldwide experience helping organisations and individuals get the best from themselves, be it finding the right people who have the right skills and motivation through to designing or procuring the best systems and training for your staff and customers. We offer a powerful blend of skills such as, Human Factors through Usability, Organisational and Behavioural Psychologies and Skill Transfer knowledge, which means our solutions always “hit the spot”.

Orbit Technical Services

  • Optimising System Design and Procurement
  • Targeted Training Design and Delivery
  • Increasing Output and Safe Operations

Our Technical Services ensure our solutions are pragmatic and address the practical side of performance. Are your systems useable/commonsensical for your employees and customers? If not then Human Factors will help you. Are you employing and training your staff appropriately for their background and skill sets? If not then Training and Profiling will inform you better. Will they perform their jobs safely? Then our Human Performance and Behaviour knowledge can address any associated risks.

Orbit Performance Improvement

  • Physical and Applied Performance
  • Cognitive and Mental Performance
  • Behaviour and Communications

We have a track record of working with a wide range of organisations with diverse skill sets worldwide. We have helped them identify and implement quantifiably successful solutions, whether it is taking 1 second off a Formula One Pit Stop, achieving an Olympic Gold Medal, flying an Airbus 380 or developing high flyer promotion programmes in the City.

Orbit Aviation

  • Specialist Aviation Consultancy
  • Profiling Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Development Plans

We have worldwide expertise in working with Commercial, General, Military and Rotary Wing domains. We devise and deliver bespoke recruitment and assessment campaigns that deliver the best candidates to the right airline or role, cost effectively. We improve training performance, reduce wastage and staff churn whilst focussing on delivering safe and straightforward pilots. Selecting, Developing, Consulting, Training, Air Displays


We also have one of the best qualified and experienced Air Display Directors in the UK who is able to train and mentor others to help meet the stringent new Air Display qualifications and standards.

Orbit Military & Blue Light Services

  • Specialist Aviation Consultancy
  • Profiling Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Development Plans

We have over 20 years of experience, working on defence projects in the UK and internationally either as part of a large consortium or as sole contractors. Our specialist areas are in unmanned systems (Air and Land), Special Forces equipment and C-IEDD, C4ISTAR, Network Enabled Capabilities, Vehicles and Command and Control Systems. We have won and delivered many Research and Development projects for the military and police, having a reputation for innovative, cost effective solutions.

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