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Selection and Assessment Article with Presentations at AAETS and RAeS

Selection and Assessment Article with Presentations at AAETS and RAeS

Selection and Assessment: Are we moving with the times?

If Selection and Assessment is to be effective in any area it must be relevant for both the Customer and Candidate alike, understanding and recognising of the changing domain demands but must stay flexible to meet future requirements. Nikki Heath has been highly successful in this arena with proven skills borne of many years experience in the role. She brings a unique perspective on this most challenging of areas. Nikki has recently written about her perspective on Aviation Selection and Assessment for the Modern Generation, offering her views on the way ahead. Her article can be found at the link below

Selection & Assessment_Are we moving with the times_N Heath

Nikki summarises that several, significant changes over the last decade should have influenced selection and assessment processes and outcomes. The next decade will bring further challenges, issues and change that aviation should respond to. Nikki postulates that if selection and assessment is to be seen as a value-added process, relevant to industry’s needs, it must be fluid and reactive. She also indicates that it must be a living and dynamic procedure that adapts to changing environments: technology, socio-economic shifts etc. Nikki suggests that changes should not just add to any current requirement and resource bill. Selection requirements should meet bespoke needs, based on an organisation’s Profile, which can and should change with time. Ultimately, Nikki advocates that establishing sound processes today, reviewed regularly, amended where appropriate and improved, will ensure that Selection and Assessment can provide an informed, value-added and future-proof process for any organisation.

Hear Nikki at AAETS

The full article has also been published in the Issue 2/2019 version of CAT magazine, offering an enticing taster ahead of the Asian Aviation Education and Training Symposium (AAETS). AAETS will provide a forum to discuss the best practical applications and future developments in aviation training and technology in a Korean, regional and global context. Nikki will present her thoughts at AAETS on 28 June 2019 and will be available for discussions during the Symposium. AAETS will take place in Soeul, Republic of Korea over the period 27 – 28 June 2019; more details can be found at .

Nikki at RAeS

Nikki will also speak on this topic at the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), in London later this year; more details to follow.

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